Purchase Advanced Treatments

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Photo dynamic therapy:

Laser watch with  capsules (3 months therapy) : US$967 Free freight and testing

Further dynamic therapy capsules:

90 capsules: (3 further months of therapy after free testing)

US$ 705.00 Free freight

Economic Home Therapy:
Photo Dynamic Therapy  Watch + 90 Capsules      US$ 967
Medical Ozone Generator    US $700
(You organise medical oxygen size D with regulator supplying 1/4 and 1/2 litres per minute through your doctor.)
Bioresonance Machine           US$ 1,300
Total                                                    US$ 2967

Free freight

To purchase individual machines request an invoice from prof-campbell@posteo.de

To pay by Visa or MasterCard email invoice@posteo.de for a pro-forma or PayPal invoice

Free testing for 320 infections:

Send your urine sample in a sterile container to Pathology P O Box 137 Parkville VIC 3052 Australia
Include your name, sex, date of birth and Email address for results.