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YOU are convinced that frequency applications attributed to Royal Raymond Rife can help to convert unwellness to wellness and are searching for a suitable device? 

We have succeeded to integrate an automatic analysis function in the F-SCAN COMPACT. This means that the user can measure his own resonants in the frequency range from 80,000 Hz. The values with the largest significances are saved automatically for application. The F-SCAN COMPACT with DIRP has the same case as the devices without DIRP. Only one handheld electrode is different because of its sensor segment. Please 
Note: DIRP analysis cannot performed with the software. This requires larger equipment such as F-SCAN2 or F-SCAN TOUCH. The analysis is not a diagnosis. The device detects resonants only. The significance of the found frequencies or their causes are not interpreted. It is not a diagnostic device. 
The F-SCAN COMPACT remains a device for wellness applications. 

Devices with all options have a lead time of a few days only. 

How is the F-SCAN COMPACT used?  

Handholds (picture below), foot pads (access.) or adhesive pads (access.) connect via the application cable to the device.  

An application using low frequencies may be felt like a “tingle“. This is normal, not a malfunction and not harmful. The device cannot produce signals above 12Volt. Most Applications run between 30 and 90 minutes with factory settings.  

The timer controlling the runtime per frequency can be set to suit user preferences. This will shorten or extend the runtime of an application.  

YOUR Frequency Synthesizer should be:  

  • safe 
  • easy to operate 
  • complete 
  • flexible 
  • power independent 
  • mobile 

The F-SCAN COMPACT fits your requirements perfectly  

The device offers:  

  • Operation via navigation keys, Plastic casing 
  • 350 complete Rife applications 
  • 10 memory positions for individual applications with up to 50 frequency values each 
  • Battery operation up to 3.5 hrs. 
  • Battery charge via USB-port 
  • Output range 1Hz to 1.7 Megahertz 
  • Frequency stability 30ppm 
  • Signal amplitude adjustable 0 to 12Vpp 
  • 3 signal forms selectable: Sine, Square full wave, Square DC-Offset 
  • Adjustable Timer 
  • SWEEP-function between selectable lower and upper frequency limits 
  • Automatic shutdown if unused for 2 minutes 
  • Display-language selection (German, English) 
  • Charge indicator 
  • LED for output control 
  • Graphic display 128 x 64 pixel 
  • Acoustic signals during operation 
  • Dimensions: 105 mm x 66 mm x 19 mm (l x w x h)
Portable Unit

Shipping list for F‑SCAN COMPACT  

  • Battery charger 
  • Mini-USB-cable 
  • Application cable 
  • Stainless steel handholds 
  • Instruction manual 

REASONABLY PRICED: US$1111 free freight

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