Treat Lyme/msids/Covid-19 with Photo Dynamic Therapy: prevent disease in brain, heart and lungs

Chlorin Photosensitizer:
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is based on selective accumulation of photosensitizers in tumor tissue and infections, capable of stimulating photo-reactions, in biological tissues, after irradiation by light of certain wavelengths.

Twenty minutes after swallowing the photo-sensitiser, into an empty stomach, attach the laser watch to the left arm,  just below the hand joining the fore-arm and treat for 60 minutes.

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Professor Campbell:

The Laser watch shines laser light into the radial artery triggering the chlorin photo-sensitiser attached to infections in the blood, limiting the infections reaching the lungs, heart and brain, preventing death.


  • Little time is required in preparing and swallowing the photo-sensitiser and attaching the watch 
  • This treatment allows the patients to ‘get on with life’, as they can move around, during the 60 minute treatment periods, with the watch attached to their wrist
  •  The lasers shine into the radial artery, in the wrist, and trigger the photo-sensitiser, attached to the infections, killing the infections
  • The PDT treatment limits the spread of potentially fatal infections to the lungs,  heart and brain, preventing death
  • There are no serious side effects
  • Wearing comfort at home or on the go
  •  Verifiable effects through free testing for 320 infections in your urine:
  • Send your physical address, for a free kit for testing, to 

Purchase the Laser Watch for Lyme/msids/covid treatment with chlorin capsules
An economic home therapy to control the spread of infection to brain heart and lungs

$ 470
  • Laser watch with 30 days of pdt capsules
  • Purchase 4 months of pdt capsules (US$840) and receive a free laser watch
  • Free freight & testing: email your address for a free kit