Chlorin Photosensitizer capsules for Photo Dynamic Therapy:
Based on the selective accumulation of a photosensitizer in infections and abnormal tissue to treat Lyme/msids, COVID and abnormal cells.
It is capable of stimulating photo-reactions, to kill the infections and abnormal biological tissues, after irradiation by light of red 650nm wavelength. 
This avoids the spread of infections and abnormal cells to brain, heart and lungs.
Twenty minutes after swallowing the photo-sensitiser capsule, into an empty stomach, with one glass of water, attach the laser watch to the left arm,  just below the hand joining the fore-arm and adjust the watch and treat for 60 minutes. 
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The watch shines laser light into the radial artery triggering the chlorin photo-sensitiser, attached to infections in the blood, limiting the infections reaching the lungs, heart and brain, preventing death. The free laser watch contains red lasers. 


  • Little time is required in preparing and swallowing the photo-sensitiser and attaching the watch 
  • This treatment allows the patients to ‘get on with life’, as they can move around, during the 60 minute treatment periods, with the watch attached to their wrist
  •  The lasers shine into the radial artery, in the wrist, and trigger the photo-sensitiser, attached to the infections, killing the infections
  • There are no serious side effects
  • Wearing comfort at home or on the go
  •  Free testing for 320 infections in your urine: send your physical address to
  • Free Laser watch with red lasers is free with your first order of 30 capsules
  • Free freight
  • 30 chlorin capsules  US$277.50 send your country details and request a pro forma invoice from
  • 6 minute video of the multi colour laser watch:
  • The multi coloured watch is available at extra cost.
  • This a model of the COVID virus: